Energy transition needs scale.

Energy transition

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No time to lose

The world is already at +1.1°C and there is not a lot more carbon dioxide that mankind can add to the atmosphere.

But we are optimistic. Because optimism is a moral duty – thanks to Immanuel Kant who taught us this. So, action is the right path forward.

At Junction, we are shifting energy transition into a higher gear. We know from experience that incredible results can be achieved with ambitious climate-tech entrepreneurs.

Our way

We are an investment fund dedicated to energy transition and nothing else. Our team is a junction of former entrepreneurs and investment professionals. We take on the challenges and the complexity of energy transition shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs and founders.

We back ambitious energy transition entrepreneurs with the aim to gain critical mass, expand the footprint of their innovative solutions and make actual change happen. We do this through a combination of growth equity and buyout capital.

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“Been there” team

In our previous roles, we have collectively reduced GHG emissions by more than 1 million tons per annum. We achieved this by building and growing green energy suppliers, project developers, PV installers, zero-emission aggregators, and energy storage developers.

We have a track record at the junction of creating value for shareholders and climate change mitigation.


Investment team

Pieter-Jan Mermans

Managing partner

Bruno Vanderschueren

Managing partner

Vincent Gregoir


Dirk Dewals

Managing partner

Daan Van Parys


William van Mael

Investment manager

Barbara Coussée

Investment manager

Ruben Lorer

Investment manager

Advisory board

Sandra Trittin


Chris Peeters

Former CEO at ELIA Group

Toon Bouten

Former CEO at tado

Lieve Creten

Former ExCo Deloitte Financial Advisory
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