Pieter-Jan Mermans

Managing partner

After 10 years in strategy consulting, Pieter-Jan spent the last 10 years of his career as a co-founder and co-CEO of REstore – an energy technology company, focused on automated VPPs and demand-side management. REstore was selected by Guidehouse/Navigant as the global market leader in VPP software in 2022. Following the successful acquisition by Centrica, Pieter-Jan joined the ExCom of Centrica Business Solutions in London.

Pieter-Jan was awarded the TOP 50 “innovative entrepreneurs” award by the newspaper De TIJD/L’Echo.

“What’s keeping us awake at night? Implementing the path to net-zero. In conjunction with building shareholder value. Hand in hand. We’ve teamed up at Junction with one goal: offer that playbook to you.”