Shifting energy transition into a higher gear

Our focus

We back SMEs and scale-ups, in the services and tech areas, both in B2B as B2C.

We aim to fill the gap between early-stage VC and buyout capital. We mainly invest in companies with HQs in Western Europe.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the investors of the Junction Growth Investors Fund?

Institutional investors, family offices, and entrepreneurs. We don’t have any corporates from the energy industry amongst our limited partners.

What is the typical investment ticket?

Our sweet spot is investment tickets between €5M and €10M, within a broader range going from €2M up to €15M.

Which sectors do we target?

Solar PV installation, digitization of installers, home electrification, behind-the-meter optimization, EV charging, energy storage systems, climate accounting/ controlling/ engagement, smart DSO and TSO grids, energy efficiency – these are some (but not all) of the sectors that we have a huge interest in. However, if you’re an entrepreneur working on energy transition, but your company does not fit into either of the categories above – we’d still love to hear from you.

Please note that we don’t invest in (energy) infrastructure.

What do we bring beyond money?

We bring a track record at the junction of creating value for shareholders and climate change mitigation. That’s the core of our playbook, which we’d love to share with you. We combine real-life entrepreneurial and investment experience within energy transition and we have extensive knowledge of the workings of the energy industry, the wholesale energy market, and the related challenges, risks, hacks, and shortcuts.

What is the “ideal” stage for Junction?

We seek to fill the gap between early-stage VC and buyout capital. In the case of scale-ups, we typically take part in Series B. With SMEs, however, our involvement may begin as early as in the first capital round.

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